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Adaptive and Responsive Robotics

I'm currently building an embedded system for the gyroscopic stabilization of dynamic vehicles. Using off the shelf hardware, the device can interface with a variety of applications that run on either arduino or ARM microprocessors. The goal is to develop a personal robot that interacts using applications built for the android market and fitted for an ergonomic user experience.

    Skills Used:
    Embedded Systems
    Java (Microprocessor/Microcontroller)
    Accelerometer (digital signal processing)
    Rest API
    Basic Machining

Biometric Applications

Patient safety and medical fraud are rapidly becoming an increasing problem. While biometric solutions for identity verification exist for adults, pediatric identification has not yet been addressed due to the difficulties that come with obtaining biometric information from children. From 2013 to 2015, I worked on a project to develop mobile applications that help doctors, nurses, EMT’s and other healthcare personnel accurately identify pediatric patients.

    Skills Used:
    Embedded Systems
    Rest API

Web Based Nutrition
and Fitness Tools

Due to my interests in nutrition, I developed a website that integrates numerical methods and algorithms I designed to model the human metabolism. This website allows a user to predict his/her muscle building behavior thus enabling the user to optimize his/her diet for maximum muscle gains and minimal body fat gains. Another module of the website uses a modified Gauss-Jordon matrix solver to help a user design an optimal diet with foods selected by the user.

    Skills Used:
    Rest API


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<tl;dr> </tl;dr>

I’m an engineer at heart with an unrelenting passion for space technologies.

During college, I was lucky enough to intern in many cities all over America. I want to continue moving to new places, learning and building new technology. I am incredibly fascinated with all realms of science and technology, but my true passion lies in space.

My ultimate goal is to build space technologies that facilitate the same standard of living on celestial bodies as earth by addressing the challenges specific to living in space. My dreams to build devices drive me to take advantage of any opportunity to just build.

If you're looking for more TL;DR, just checkout my resume or LinkedIn to learn more about my experience.